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Private Consultations

To help men develop their communication skills to navigate about the world we currently reside in. If I haven't said it before, I will say it now, The World Is About People. Men usually find their purpose within providing a service to others!


This form is for booking private consultations. All Consultations will be held over ZOOM calls. The link will be provided to you within 12 hours of your booking. Please provide the top 3 best days and  top 3 times for your availability. Please provide your time zone also. The business is based in New York, standard EST. 

Step 1: Provide the topic of conversation that you wish to discuss and provide payment for the session to link with your name and short note. There are two methods of payments, Cashapp and Paypal.

For Paypal: The code of conduct has changed, please send under the friends and family. If you send under business, payments need to be made, at minimum, 24 hours in advance.







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