Who I Am

Peace & Prosperity To The Kings, Peace & Prosperity To The Family, How are we doing today?

As for who I am, many of you have come from my Youtube Channel, which in that case, there is no need for introductions, I am just another man on his path to adulthood, and with that, has to come a deep understand of manhood. I help men with advice to questions that ponder their mind, just due to me understanding micro-nuances about behavior, communications, and intersexual dynamics between Men & Women. I am NOT a dating coach, I am NOT a PUA coach, I am a life coach, meaning that whatever path a man wants to be on, whether he wants to get married, or he wants to build a Fortune 500 Company, my one simple questions is how are you getting there, and my job is to help you get there. As said before, I have an extensive background in Fashion & Fitness, and that is exactly where we start. Once you look good, you feel good, and my only request is just to make men happy, because once men are happy, the world becomes a better place.